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Ahhhhhh......I see you are looking for some T-Shirts. Thank you for considering Dr. T Shirt. We'd like to help you get from here to there.

T-Shirts are an economical way to promote your business, club, team, organization or group. They can also be effective tools to use for fund raisers, a fun way to express your humor, and an excellent way to identify your members at family reunions and other group events.

There is virtually no limit to the content that can be applied to your apparel. Anything from . . . simple text . . . to . . . multicolor logos . . . to . . . your favorite photographs . . .  can be designed and applied right on to your shirts. If you can think of it, Dr. “T” can get it done.

Today's ink and film technologies provide us with dozens of design options to bring unique visuals to your designs. Puff ink creates a 3D look, Glitter ink puts the sparkle in your design, Pearl finish gives a deep shimmer, and Glow-in-the-Dark ink does just that. Gold and Silver films can also be used to give parts of your design a shiny metallic appearance.

If you already have your artwork, just email it to us as an attachment.  We can work with most any image types including jpeg, gif, and tiff files.  If you'd like some ideas, you can browse the Idea Book by clicking the link to the left, or view our stock designs.

Please complete the Quick Quote Request form to get a quick response from our design team.

Best regards!
Dr. "T" 

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